Maybe one person will read this, but it’s more likely that no one will.
I hate being single. I’ve been single for 17 years of my life and it sucks. The worst part about is that I have as much girl-boy experience, as let’s say a 4 year old. I want someone I can trust, someone I can ask personal questions, someone who will be enough for me, and I enough for them. I want to go out to dinner and lunch. I wasn’t to cuddle and listen to their problems. I want someone to love me.
I know my problem is that I’m not the girl next door. I have a very European face, and I like to dress and act boldly, and I know people find it offputting.
I’m too different, there is nothing about me that makes me me, because I am a mess.
I hope, that one day I’ll get married, but it doesn’t seem very likely.


She always gets things that I never got at that age. She gets to go “winter clothes shopping” I went shopping at the beginning of the school year and that was it. And now it’s the licenses. I was freaking 19 years old when I got my licenses. She’s getting hers on time. And what does she do to me…

Yep. I agree. I’m two years older then my sister and she makes my life a loving hell!

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Noodle5 by ~NoRiPiE
hoooollyyy ssHHIIT


Noodle5 by ~NoRiPiE

hoooollyyy ssHHIIT

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The Truth

I have to say this and I know it might offend some people, so I’m sorry if it does. I’m basically going to say what’s on my mind.

1) People are too sensitive these days. What happened to the days were someone could just say “Retarded” jokingly, without everyone and there mothers making a big deal out of it? Everyone’s offended, and no one can drop the subject- they need to pester the person who said it.

2) Personal Appearance- everyone gets judged on what they wear. Why do people care so much? “She’s wearing five pounds of makeup….that’s so gross” I bet you that the person who said this, is probably unable to put on makeup or jealous. So what if she wears “5 pounds” of makeup, she wears it because she wants too and probably looks good. Which brings me to another topic- people can wear what they want but not be disgusting slobs about it and claim that “they’re allowed to wear what they want”. Yes, they are allowed, but if they want to be respected in this world, they got to realize that looks matter to a certain extent.

3) One if the most annoying things we constantly hear about in the news is weight loss and weight gain. 50% of ads tell us we are beautiful the size we are and the other 50% tells us we are too thin or too fat. Obviously, a healthy weight is average weight..not 300 pounds of “big bones”. Nobody is born obese and nobody should be obese. Obese is not beautiful and stop feeding us bullcrap that obesity is beautiful. It’s not, its disgusting and looks really bad on anyone. I’m not going to lie, if you’re obese I will judge you as lazy, disgusting and a slob.

4) Gays & Lesbians. I understand that people were “born” gay, but you don’t have to use the fact that you’re gay as an excuse to get away with stuff. “Johnny, take off that sweater. It’s against the uniform policy!” ” Sir, you’re only picking on me because I’m gay!!!”. As well,most Gays (not all) try to convert people, or make an effort to prove who they are. Yes! We get it! You’re gay! But its not the only thing you are! “This is Amy, she’s a smart, independent, real estate agent with strong opinions” “This is Jake. He’s gay”.

5) Religion. Why do people make an effort to bash on other Religions? Why can’t you RESPECT other religions. I know you don’t believe in God, and you think that religious teachings are stupid…but have the decency and respect to keep your mouth shut when you have the urge to bash other people’s religions in front of them.

6) Pot heads. I don’t mind if you smoke marijuana, but if everyone of your pictures and statuses are about marijuana, I have a problem with you. I’m talking about the stupid pothead who “listen to Bob Marley”, wear clothes with marijuana, doodle pictures of marijuana, talk about marijuana etc… have a very VERY sad life if marijuana owns you.

I think I’m done for now.